Trump: GOP candidates must adopt ‘MAGA’ agenda to win


Former President Donald Trump says House and Senate Republicans should flock to his “Make America Great Again” agenda if they want to retake Capitol Hill in 2022 and set the tone for the next presidential cycle.

“If they want to win, yes,” Mr. Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “We’ve expanded the Republican party.”

Three months after leaving office, Mr. Trump still looms over the GOP, serving as a kingmaker for mid-term hopefuls and flirting with a 2024 run.

His staying power is forcing party figures to walk a fine line between his popularity within the base and soul-searching around their loss of the House, Senate and White House during his term and fallout from the Trump-inspired Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.

Mr. Trump said abandoning his America-first principles would be a mistake for the party, citing inroads among Latinos in the last cycle. He said the GOP should stick to the course he laid out for it.

“If you want to win and win big, you have to do that,” he said in clips released ahead of a Monday prime-time airing.

Mr. Trump also addressed the border crisis, telling Mr. Hannity he would have been pilloried for scenes of children packed into pens at migrant centers, especially in a pandemic.

“They’re playing it down as much as they can play it down. It’s a horrible situation, could destroy our country,” Mr. Trump said.

“There’s never been anything like what’s happened at our border. People are coming in by the tens of thousands. They’re walking in,” he said, blaming Mr. Biden’s policies. “All he had to do was leave it alone.”

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