Most Americans want climate change addressed ‘right now’: poll


The majority of Americans believe climate change needs to be addressed immediately, according to a CBS News poll published Sunday.

Fifty-six percent of Americans said people should address the problem “right now,” while 11% said climate change should be tackled “in the next few years.”

Forty-eight percent of those surveyed want to see the U.S. lead the international effort. 

But roughly one-third of Americans believe combating climate change can wait.

According to CBS News, the people who feel this way point to four reasons: 36% say climate change is exaggerated, 31% say there are other more pressing issues, 23% believe there’s nothing that can be done, and 9% say it costs too much to deal with it.

President Biden is set to host 40 world leaders to discuss climate change and initiatives in a virtual summit on April 22-23.

The CBS News survey interviewed 2,003 U.S. residents from April 13-16. It has a 2.8% margin of error.

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