Majorie Taylor Greene prods Congress to expel Maxine Waters over ‘incitement of violence’


Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene is attempting to oust Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters from Congress for “continual incitement of violence on innocent American people.”

Ms. Greene, Georgia Republican, said she will introduce a resolution to expel Ms. Waters from Congress. The effort stems from Ms. Waters, California Democrat, on Saturday urging protesters to clash with police in Minneapolis if former police officer Derek Chauvin is acquitted of murder in the death of George Floyd.

“We’ve got to stay on the street, and we’ve got to get more active, we’ve got to get more confrontational,” Ms. Waters told a crowd of protesters. “We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business.”

Her plea for unrest drew widespread condemnation from Republicans.

“After traveling across state lines to incite riots, her orders recorded on video last night at the Brooklyn Center, directly led to more violence and a drive-by shooting on National Guardsmen in Minnesota early this morning,” Ms. Greene tweeted Sunday.

She said Ms. Waters’ actions in Minnesota warranted expulsion from Congress because it was part of a pattern of inciting violence, which includes Ms. Waters in 2018 calling on people to harass and show “zero tolerance” for members of the Trump administration when they venture out in public.

Ms. Greene’s resolution is unlikely to pass in the Democratic-led chamber. She would need roughly six Democrats to cross the aisle if all Republicans back the resolution.

Earlier this year, Ms. Greene was stripped of her committee assignments as punishment for tweets she wrote before being elected that were inflammatory and promoted conspiracy theories.

Dozens of House Democrats introduced a resolution to expel Ms. Greene from Congress, but the effort did not garner support from Democratic leaders.

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