Justice signs bill to expand telemedicine in West Virginia


Legislation to expand telemedicine to out-of-state practitioners was signed into law by Gov. Jim Justice.

House Bill 2024 will allow healthcare practitioners to practice telemedicine with West Virginia patients if they register with the appropriate board. The practitioner must be licensed and in good standing in the state in which he or she resides. The registration could be subject to a fee that does not exceed the fee cost for an in-state practitioner.

A practitioner with an out-of-state telehealth registration must practice from a physical location outside of West Virginia unless that person has the appropriate license to practice healthcare within the state borders.

The legislation received bipartisan support. Telehealth has become more commonly used throughout West Virginia and the rest of the country during the COVID-19 pandemic as people have become more cautious of going places in person. The bill is expected to provide better access to West Virginia and to broaden competition for services.

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