Inside the Beltway: New citizen Steve Hilton’s love for America


Steve Hilton, the British-born host of “The Next Revolution” on Fox News, became a U.S. citizen on May 11 — his hand raised, his oath of allegiance said.

“How much I’ve loved getting to America, how much I appreciate the welcome you’ve all given me and the opportunities I’ve had here that would never have been possible anywhere else. But the big point I want to make is that the more I’ve learned about America, the more I’ve come to love America,” Mr. Hilton said in a video message released by the network Monday.

“The more I’ve learned about our history, our culture and traditions and of course, our Constitution — the more I appreciate that there is no better place on Earth and no better model for the rest of the world, and yes, even with the inevitable imperfections that in our different ways we all work to improve upon. So I’m here as a new citizen — not to try and make America more like the place I left, but because I love it as it is. And this was the moment that it became official,” advised Mr. Hilton, who held a small American flag as he recited his oath.

He also received public congratulations from, among others, former President Donald Trump and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the latter man also a naturalized citizen himself.

Mr. Hilton’s program airs Sundays at 9 p.m. Eastern; he concentrates on the impact of the populist movement, both in the U.S. and throughout the world.


The Republican National Committee is now referring to President Biden‘s new tax policies as the “IRS on steroids,” backing up their description with a 19-point rationale citing sources that included The New York Times, Reason and the Congressional Budget Office.

“Just months into his presidency, President Biden has already proposed over $3 trillion in tax hikes,” the rationale said, noting that the amount is double what 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton proposed then and the largest proposed tax increase in recent history.

Mr. Biden’s spending plans total more than $6 trillion.

“Biden wants to give $80 billion to the IRS for ‘increased tax enforcement,’ which he claims will raise $700 billion over 10 years. This is false, as even liberal experts admit it is ‘very unlikely’ it will raise even close to this amount. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that a $40 billion increase in IRS funding would only boost revenues by $103 billion,” the report continued.

“Even former President Barack Obama‘s IRS chief John Koskinen said, ‘I’m not sure you’d be able to efficiently use that much money,’ and called for less than a third of what Biden wants in new funding,” the research said.

“Biden’s IRS on steroids will ‘create new headaches for banks, financial institutions, and anyone who uses them,’” the report said.

By the way, the White House will release its complete fiscal 2022 budget request on May 27, which should be rife with more details.


The COVID-19 pandemic is waning? Maybe not.

“Neurotic America: Masks today, masks tomorrow, masks forever,” declares an editorial in Issues & Insights, citing media coverage, public policies, retail practices and White House declarations that suggest the American public is not ready to go maskless.

The editorial also took note of jittery citizens, citing a recent STAT-Harris poll which found that 75% of the respondents supported the idea of mandating mask-wearing, and a Morning Consult survey which determined that 57% of voters would continue to wear masks and social distance even if state requirements were lifted.

The editorial also flagged a Hill-HarrisX poll which found that 42% of the respondents still believe in wearing masks “regardless” of revised regulations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We’ve grown soft, fearful, perpetually nagging and paralyzed by safetyism,” the editorial said.

“Today is just another day in which the mindless Democrat-media mob of the left that has drilled fear into a society that was already losing its nerve continues to try to break this nation’s once-stiff spine,” it concluded.


So manners and decorum are just about dead? Some think so.

The National Conflict Resolution Center and the University of California, San Diego jointly launched what they describe as “the nation’s first-ever center for research on civility.”

The new entity bears the weighty title of the Applied Research Center for Civility at University of California San Diego — and the organizers intend to delve into the dynamics of racial injustice, mass incarceration, workplace harassment and freedom of expression on college campuses.

“Civility in our public life as we know it is on life support. The breakdown of civil discourse has exacerbated our country’s deep political polarization and incited violence,” said Steven Dinkin, president of the new center.

“We care less about our neighbors today, even as the pandemic continues, literally costing people their lives. The collaboration will look at best practices for navigating entrenched divides, synthesizing them into comprehensive models for national distribution and discussion,” Mr. Dinkin noted.

“Hatred and intolerance are at the heart of many societal issues, from racial injustice to mass incarceration. We consider it our responsibility to partner with the top conflict resolution practitioner in the nation to create a more just, humane future for America,” said Pradeep K. Khosla, chancellor of the university.


43% of U.S. voters say race relations in the U.S. are “worse now” than they were a year ago; 63% of Republicans, 40% of independents and 30% of Democrats agree.

38% say race relations are “about the same” as they were a year ago; 31% of Republicans, 38% of independents and 45% of Democrats agree.

16% say they are “better now” than they were a year ago; 5% of Republicans, 19% of independents and 23% of Democrats agree.

2% are not sure about the issue; 1% of Republicans, 3% of independents and 2% of Democrats agree.

Source: An NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist poll of 1,075 registered U.S. voters conducted May 4-10.

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