Biden names former AFL-CIO trade specialist Celeste Drake as ‘Made in America’ chief


President Biden on Tuesday named Celeste Drake, who has served as a top executive at the Directors Guild of America, to a new position within the White House budget office to oversee Mr. Biden’s “Made in America” agenda.

Mr. Biden tapped Ms. Drake as the first “Made in America Director” at the Office of Management and Budget to help oversee federal procurement and policies intended to promote domestic manufacturing.

Ms. Drake has served as executive in charge of government affairs at the Directors Guild, a leading labor union for film directors and entertainers. She has also been a trade and globalization policy specialist for the AFL-CIO, the country’s largest federation of labor unions.

Mr. Biden has put labor unions front and center in much of his administration’s early legislative, regulatory, and personnel moves.

He issued an executive order earlier this week setting up a task force on “worker organizing” that also said it’s the policy of his administration “to encourage worker organizing and collective bargaining.”

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