Republicans Are the Party of Disrespect and ‘Defund The Police’


Representative Madeleine Dean (D-PA) claimed Friday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that Republicans are the only party that both disrespects and defunds the police.

Dean said, “There is urgent need to fund the Capitol Police. As Senator Leahy has warned, by August will not be able to pay salaries.”

She continued, “We in the House passed a supplemental to support the Capitol Police that saved our lives, and the Senate has sat on it.”

Anchor Joy Reid said, “Sounds as if they are defunding the police…Do you feel safe in the Capitol in this moment?”

Dean said, “I think it is less safe. I take this personally. These Capitol Police saved my live. They protected me when I was an impeachment manager with such loyalty and devotion, and selflessness.

She added, “You are absolutely right. It’s a false notion that Democrats somehow want to defund the police. You have nothing more to look to than House and Senate Republicans. It was we got the money for state and local police in the American Rescue Plan. Not a single Republican supported the police, our municipalities, our local governments. They are the defunders of police. They are the ones who voted not to offer—21 Republicans voted not to offer gold medal recognition to the Capitol Police for January 6. They are the party of defund the police. They are the party of actually disrespect the police.”

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