McCloskey: What Does Swamp In DC Hate The Most? God Has More Power Than They Do


Mark McCloskey, the self-described “conservative outsider” who is running to represent Missouri in the Senate chastised the political elite in Washington, D.C., on Sunday.

McCloskey wrote that “God will always be bigger than government and power-hungry elites in DC hate that the most.”(RELATED: Mark McCloskey Announces Senate Bid In Missouri)

McCloskey gained national notoriety after he and his wife chose to brandish their guns in order to protect their property from an encroaching mob of BLM protestors

In addition to criticizing D.C. elites, McCloskey has also recently spoken out about the need to end critical race theory, tweeting Friday that “Special interests should not be teaching our children to hate America in American classrooms while the American taxpayer foots the bill.”

And, on Tuesday, the prospective senator asked educators to “Teach our children critical thinking instead of how to cancel each other with poisonous Critical Race Theory.”

McCloskey lists stopping CRT as a key goal on his campaign page, referring to the ideology as a push to “to teach our children to hate their own country, their own culture, and their own religion.” (RELATED: After Being Forced To Forfeit Their Guns, The McCloskeys Show Off A New AR-15)

He also endeavors to “take on China,” “Balance the Budget,” “advance Pro-Life policies,” “break up big tech,” “stand up to cancel culture,” “restore law and order,” and protect the “2nd Amendment.”

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