LN Radio 7/11/21 – Fourth Estate Failures


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We are each avid consumers of news media whether we want to be or not… It has spread far beyond the confines of the broadsheet into our web browsers, our tv shows, our music, and even to our dinner tables. We should be – by rights –  the most media-savvy generation ever to have existed, but with so much falsity, bias, and opinion posing as fact. How much do we really know?  And how reliable are those supposed facts that we think we have?

Welcome to Liberty Nation Radio heard coast to coast on the Radio America Network; I’m your host, Mark Angelides. Today we’ll be examining why the Fourth Estate has not only taken a huge hit in its viewership but also why trust in the American media is rated dead last. Was it the anti-Trump rhetoric? Or Was it chasing down every nonsensical and ultimately wrong conspiracy theory that targeted the political right? And Finally, is this a one-way trip for the once-trusted news media?

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