It’s Important to Teach the ‘True History’


During Wednesday’s “Fox News Primetime,” South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) sounded off on the growing criticism of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Noem told host Sean Duffy that there is “real hate in this country” over the nation’s past. She advised that the way to defend it is to teach the true history of Thanksgiving.

“The real hate in this country, I think, for our history, we have to recognize has been around for a very long time, although it’s not been something that so many people in the country have been aware of, and that we’ve realized has taken place. And it’s continuing to take place in so many parts of this country,” Noem lamented.

“You know, and to that point, governor, we see that now more than ever, right, the left, the left is attacking history. They’re attacking Thanksgiving,” Duffy stated.

“So, I guess the question for you is, how do we actually defend it? What do we have to do as Americans, leaders like you as governors or parents? How do we defend history and Thanksgiving to make sure we preserve it for future generations?” he asked.

“You tell the history, and you educate people, use every opportunity, you have to be in front of a group to share the true history of what happened,” Noem replied. “That’s one of the reasons why when we’re focusing on our K-12 curriculum, is making sure that we’re going to have children read the Declaration of Independence. We’re going to have them read the history of Thanksgiving and what really happened so that we can’t have people twist it and make lies out of it and use it for an agenda that they want to fundamentally change this country.”

She continued, “So, our foundation was built on people seeking freedom. They came here for freedom from tyranny and wanted a democracy and a Republic where they could make choices for themselves. And those pilgrims at Plymouth learned that through their partnership and their work with the Native Americans that they could have success in this country after very difficult times. And they did so. And that’s why we’re all here today.”

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