Hey Lefties, Why ISN’T CRT Being Taught In Schools? by Larry O’Connor


Have we finally found an important cultural issue that the Left and Right in America agree on? Can we all agree critical race theory has no business in our schools? 

It appears we agree on this… I mean, unless the American Left is collectively lying through their teeth about it. 

The organized Left in academia, government employee unions, corporate-owned propaganda media and Kurt Schlichter's favorite “Cruise Ship Conservatives” are all bending over backward to vehemently deny that Critical Race Theory (CRT) has in any way influenced the curricula in America's government-run schools. 

Here's the leader of the powerful teachers union flat-out denying CRT is taught in American schools: 

Here's MSNBC's Joy Reid claiming that CRT is only taught in law schools. My favorite part is when she assures her viewers that CRT couldn't possibly be taught in public schools because “NBC has looked into everywhere.” I mean, if you can't trust the brilliant and diligent reporters at NBC, who can you trust?

To be fair to the Cruise Shippers, they aren't necessarily denying CRT is in our school curricula; they just don't want you to do anything about it unless it involves hiring a lawyer (many of them are lawyers, you see how that works out for them?) and waiting many years until a court finally decides if that thing your child learned over the past several years should have been there or not.

Of course, the same people who are denying that CRT is part of our government schools are also using our tax dollars to hire race-baiters like Ibram X. Kendi to influence teachers about systemic racism, the inherent evil of whiteness, and well… what's the word for it? Oh yeah, Critical Race Theory. 

So that kind of thing tends to undermine all of that crack reporting at NBC that Joy Reid vouches for. 

But let's step back for a minute. I think there's a more important question that needs to be addressed by Joy and Randi and Ibram and the rest of them. 

You see, we don't need to continue wasting our time proving that this insidious ideology is permeating the reading lists and curricula of our schools. It's obvious that it is. Just look at Chris Rufo's latest discovery: 

A book that depicts the devil (isn't that a religious figure, what's he doing in a public school?) making a bargain with white people to give them privilege and benefits in exchange for their whiteness. The message is not so subtle: Being white is evil since it is a gift from the devil. 

And, oh yeah, this book is recommended for second-graders. 

No, we don't need to prove this point anymore. 

So, let's get to that more important point. Because I'd really like to hear Joy Reid and her team of reporters who can't find CRT in our schools answer a simple question. 

Here's the question: Why aren't we teaching critical race theory in our schools?

I mean, all these denials suggest that liberals actually agree that it would be a bad thing for CRT to be part of our 5-year-old Kindergarten classes, right? 

Why go out of your way denying (and spend all those NBC investigative resources looking for) CRT in our schools if you didn't agree that CRT is poison?

So can we get Ms. Weingarten or Ms. Reid or all our pals on the Lido Deck to tell us if they even think there's something wrong with CRT or not? 

Hey, Joy Reid, if one of your amazing NBC investigators found CRT in a curriculum for 5th graders in Manhattan, would that be a bad thing? Is there anything wrong with CRT? Should teachers not be influenced by CRT when they influence our 7-year-olds all day without any real accountability or any alternate viewpoints allowed in their classrooms? 

I'd love to hear an answer to those questions, wouldn't you? 

I suspect that the cycle we're in right now will resemble the courtroom scene in “A Few Good Men.” Jack Nicholson spent the entire film denying there was even such a thing as a “code red.” “There's no code red in the field manual.” “Never heard of a code red.” “Code red? That's a hoax!” 

Finally, when boxed into a corner… “You're damned right I ordered the code red! YOU NEED ME ON THAT WALL!!!!” 

That's what we're going to get with CRT. 

“CRT? That's a right-wing conspiracy theory!” Right up until they can't deny it anymore. And then… Hell YES, we're teaching CRT! And we should be THANKED for it!”

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