Get This Pair Of Multi-Functional Lanterns For Over 30% Off


What’s better than a multi-functional, all-purpose lantern that has battery power that lasts for days? How about two of them? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose this NexTool Multi-Functional Lantern.

These lanterns may be small in size, but they’re big in performance. Standing just 3.23 inches tall and 2.32 inches wide, each, these lanterns give off a powerful light thanks to a 5,000mAh high-capacity battery that helps you light up the campground, the backyard, or anywhere you need some nighttime light. It features 600-lumen illumination, meaning you’ll have no trouble lighting up any area.

The lanterns feature a variety of modes and brightness levels, from low to mid to high. You can set it for white light for daily night lighting, red for night vision, for red flash or red-blue flash for an emergency warning, or for atmosphere mode to increase your party fun. At full power, it has a beam distance of almost 100 feet.

The battery not only provides plenty of power to light the lantern at multiple levels but can hold a charge for up to 168 hours. That means you can go for a full week without having to charge it, perfect for trips into the wilderness where power sources are rare. When you do need to charge, it can get fully charged in only three hours.

And you can take the lantern just about anywhere and in any weather without worry. It is waterproof at an IPX4 level, meaning it’s safe from splashing from any direction.

Normally priced at $51, you can get this pair of NexTool Multi-Functional Lanterns for a limited time for just $34.99, a savings of more than 32 percent. And don’t forget, that’s the price for two of these lanterns, meaning one can be used for camping and one left at home in an emergency kit.

Prices subject to change.


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